Paulownia (Kiri) Tree
Paulownia trees are native to North America, much of China, south to northern Laos and Vietnam, and long cultivated elsewhere in eastern Asia. They are deciduous trees 12–15 m (40–50 ft) tall, with large, heart-shaped leaves 15–40 cm across, arranged in opposite pairs on the stem. The flowers are produced in early spring on panicles 10–30 cm long, with a tubular purple corolla resembling a foxglove flower. The fruit is a dry capsule, containing thousands of minute seeds.
Green Paulownia
Green Paulownia is a hybrid Paulownia. It is a cross pollination of few species of common Paulownia creating a very fast growing hardwood tree that will grow in even the most inhospitable environment.
Cultivation Adaptability
Green Paulownia is highly resistant to harsh environment such as cold, drought and salinity. It can be planted in the mountains, slopes, plains and other forms of land -; also suitable for tropical, subtropical and temperate climates. It can also be grown on wasteland, desert, wetlands, salt land and other barren land. It is also suitable for acidic or alkaline land of various pH values. Paulownia needs a lot of light and does not like high water tables.
Success Story of Cultivation in China
Shandong coastal saline-alkali soil planting and alkali-salt stress test results shows: Green Paulownia can grow normally with pH value of 8.0-8.5 and salt content of up to 14000ppm.
In irrigated land with good rainfall or near rivers, lakes and beaches, will be an added advantage for large-scale cultivation of Green Paulownia.

Due to its cultivation adaptability, Green Paulownia can be planted on almost anywhere that can be planted with fast-growing species.
In places where it can be watered at anytime throughout the year, seedlings of different species were planted for cultivation using a scientific formula with a success rate of above 90%.
The planted seedlings of 25-30cm tall grew up to more than 4m tall in a period of 9 months.
Planting Density
For short term cultivation, Green Paulownia seedlings can be planted up to 250 trees/acre (depending on local conditions: soil fertility, water condition, post management, etc;). The best spacing for planting is 4m x 4m; 4m x 6m.
Current Monitored Growth Rate
2016-01-06 (0.18m tall)
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2016-02-15 (1.3m tall)
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